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White Mountain Process, LLC, catering to sanitary, biopharmaceutical and high purity users of agitators & mixing tanks, launches new line of laboratory bioreactors and fermenters. Configured for research, development, pilot plant and production, these fully configurable single-use bioreactors include the choice of cell-vessels for cell culture or bacto-vessels for fermentation.

Complete with precise electrical heating for accurate and gentle heat transfer, and temperature control for cell culture and microbial fermentations, these double wall vessels include a stainless steel head plate and are designed to the latest GMP requirements. All options include pre-programmed, ready-to-use configurations for fermentation and cell culture and include interchangeable mag drive and direct drive options, a variety of impellers, and multiple industry standard head plate ports.

Bioreactor Applications:

  • Cell culture and microbiology Research & development
  • Laboratory and pilot scale fermentation of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Mammalian, insect, and human cell line cultivation
  • Stem cell culture or biofuel/biopolymer development
  • Vaccine production in anchorage and non-anchorage dependent cell lines
  • Suitable for batch, fed-batch, and continuous processes
  • Validation packages available for GMP-regulated processes