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Avoid getting your mixing and blending equipment rejected by the FDA due to lack of, or improper certification of materials.

You can now upgrade to waring commercial blender to be in compliance.

Waring blenders modified and upgraded by White Mountain Process can be used for mixing of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical blends.
Need material test reports? Desire 316Lss polished or USP VI PP Mixing Tank? Options for polishing, passivation, electropolishing for your waring blender containers and tanks. We can accommodate any of these requirements and provide the certs and traceability that you need.

Waring blender drives are excellent pieces of equipment. Unfortunately the metal components are mass produced and have no certifications or traceability. Waring blenders are excellent high speed and high shear mixing devices for mixing, homogenizing, and blending of fluid mixtures. We offer retrofit kits for Waring Blenders that makes it suitable for a GMP pharmaceutical environment or FDA manufacturing. We offer custom vessels in 316Lss with 20Ra polish with electropolish and passivation and material test reports for the 316 L grade stainless steel material. All other parts have traceable material certs, elastomers will be USP VI certified with all proper documentation. Tanks are also available in USP VI PP (polypropylene) material and FDA HDPE plastic.

Any customization of waring blenders is available to meet your needs. Contact for an application engineer to assist you.