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High-Purity Tank and Vessel Valves & Accessories


  • Hygienic, aseptic, ultra-sanitary designs
  • Total packages with mix tanks and vessels
  • Lightweight polymer construction
  • USP VI and FDA certificates available
  • White Mountain Process high-performance design

White Mountain Process supplies a range of high-purity valves and fittings and custom poly fabrications included with our high-purity mix-tank, vessel and storage-tank packages.

Get Quotes Fast Highly Rated CS GMP Applications Solution Driven Made in USA

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Highly Rated CS

GMP Applications

Solution Driven

Made in USA

Get Quotes Fast Highly Rated CS

Get Quotes Fast

Highly Rated CS

GMP Applications Solution Driven

GMP Applications

Solution Driven

Made in USA

Made in USA

Get Quotes Fast

Get Quotes Fast

Highly Rated CS

Highly Rated CS

GMP Applications

GMP Applications

Solution Driven

Solution Driven

Made in USA

Made in USA

Contact us for other USP VI poly custom fabrications such as mixer impellers, autoclave agitators, USP VI dip tubes, spray nozzles, spray balls, spargers, manifolds, plastic fabrications, non-metallic mixing impellers, shaft assemblies and more.

For more-detailed information on high-purity tanks and valves, please see our white paper.

See our concept drawing of a White Mountain Process mix-tank with accessories

Contact us for a consultation or quote today.  We love creating solutions!

P/N WMP-SV-1.0"TC-USPVI-PP/EPDM $584 USD + shipping Accessories
P/N WMP-SV-1.0″TC-USPVI-PP/EPDM $584 USD + shipping Accessories

We offer complete tank and vessel packages of carefully selected components, engineered and documented to meet the hygienic, aseptic and ultra-sanitary needs of the medical, pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and electronics industries.  This includes all FDA, cGMP and USP VI requirements with proper material certifications and traceability.

Designs and materials are also available for less-demanding food, chemical and electronics production applications and for industrial blending system applications.

Available in a range of polymers and plastics, our high-purity valves present a number of advantages over stainless steel valves, including:

  • No corrosion
  • Lower cost
  • Lighter weight
  • Typically, negligible leaching (per multiple leachables/extractables studies.)
  • Higher chemical resistance
  • No thread seizing to metal

For more-detailed information on high-purity tanks and valves, please see our white paper.

See our concept drawing of a White Mountain Process mix-tank with accessories (PDF)

Valve Types

White Mountain Process offers sample valves and tank-bottom valves in three designs:

  • Radial diaphragm valve flush-mount, no deadleg (aseptic, hygienic, ultra-sanitary)
  • Weir diaphragm valve (weir style similar to Gemu®, ITT®, Saunders®)
  • Ball valve

Documentation Packages

  • FDA certificates for PE valve materials
  • USP VI certificates for PP and PVDF materials

Poly Plastic Sample Valve

  • Non Metallic Biopharma ready sample valve
  • USP VI Polypropylene with USP VI EPDM oring (other elastomers available)
  • 1″  TC Standard, others optional

White Mountain Process is one of the very few companies able to supply ultra-high purity, hygienic, aseptic USP VI radial diaphragm flush-mount tank-bottom valves.  Offered in USP VI PP, FDA PE, and USP VI PVDF, these no-deadleg valves are fully draining and are currently meeting the most demanding requirements at facilities around the world.

Inline valves are available for tank or vessel CIP piping and recirculation loops.  These are offered in two designs:

  • Weir diaphragm
  • Ball

Design Details

Actuation: Manual and air-actuated (limit switch/position indicator is optional with automated valves)

Connection: Tri-clamp®

Sizes: ½” – 4”

Maximum temperature: Typical PE= 140 F and PP= 220 F and PVDF= 230 F

Maximum pressure: Most poly tanks are atmospheric design, so for any nitrogen blanket or pressure applications please consult

CIP/SIP: All are CIP designs.  SIP available, see further below.

Valve Materials

Valve bodies are available in FDA polyethylene (PE), Kynar® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) or USP VI polypropylene (PP).

Diaphragm material options:

  • EPDM
  • Silicone
  • Viton® fluoroelastomer
  • Teflon® (PTFE)

SIP/Autoclavable Valves

Valves composed of PVDF and/or PP may be sterilized in place (SIP).  Autoclavable designs are readily available; please inquire. Many of our mix tanks are fitted with autoclave-style top-entry agitators.  For more information, please see our autoclavable mixer offerings.

carboy orbital shaker

Also available! Orbital Shakers from White Mountain Process

Our Orbital Shakers are perfect for blending buffers, proteins, chromatography slurries and a great choice for single use mixing with either carboys or single use bags.

Orbital Lab Shakers are known for their ability to provide low shear and gentle blending, to more vigorous shaking and mixing action. Shakers are heavy duty and robust, easy to use, and extremely effective at mixing very quickly and uniformly.

Orbital Shakers typical options we can provide:

  • Biopharma ready, complete documentation packages, IQ/OQ optional, FAT testing optional.
  • Heavy Duty Large Volume Mixing and Small Volume blending
  • Fixed Speed or Variable Speed / High or Low Speed
  • Variable Speed digital display with digital countdown timer
  • Temperature controlled top plate typical
  • Explosion Proof and Hazardous Duty motors available
  • Remote Control Operation available
  • All Stainless Steel Models
    Incubator High Humidity and CO2 gassed models

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We also offer single-use and carboy mixers for laboratory use

.For top-quality, single-use mixing systems, contact White Mountain Process. Our single use mixers are erfect for biotech, pharmaceutical mixing, medical and other aseptic mixing and blending applications. Our customers find this system to be flexible, reliable, sanitary and remarkably easy to use.

Our Single Use Mixers can mix from ½ liter to 200 liters – with a single mixer. If more is required, we’ve designed our systems to be flexible enough to mix up to 5,000 liters with the same mixing action, even when using traditional mixing impellers.

This offers a simpler alternative to difficult-to-manage single use bags and tank liners commonly used in the industry. However, don’t let its simplicity fool you – this is no cheap, flimsy mixer. Our engineered lab mixer and tank systems meet high industry standards, and offer mixing impellers which can scale up or down. This means our single use mixers can be used for either pilot plant or production mixing processes, and other applications.

You’ll also be glad to know that like other WMProcess products, our Poly USP VI Mixing tank may be customized to suit your specific application. Choose to include tank baffles or not; order TC fittings welded to suit, and choose between other features such as dip tubes, vent filters and outlet valves, to be included if needed.

Contact White Mountain Process to discuss your project and intended applications. We can help you design a system unique to your needs, or a mixer flexible enough to mix a variety of media for nearly any imaginable application.

sanitary carboy mixer

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