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Tri Clamp Mixers to mount to TC connections (mixer for Tri Clamp sanitary ferrule) are popular for sanitary mix tanks and biopharma mixing vessels.

White Mountain Process offers many small-footprint sanitary mixers for sealed tank applications.

We can fit a compact and ergonomic sanitary top entry agitator on a 1.5″ Tri Clamp (TC) connection for 5-100liter mixing tanks and up to 8″ Tri Clamp connection on the top entry blender for larger production tanks.

These stainless mixers are typically biopharma ready and include 316Lss polished wetted parts (typically to the 10-20Ra polish range), polished and electropolished impeller assembly (usually passivated in addition to EP), cGMP mixer mechanical seal, can be supplied with all stainless electric or air operated agitator motor, and have a Gold Standard documentation package with traceable certs on every component, and USP VI certs with o-rings for the mechanical seal.

WMP’s small footprint Tri Clamp mixers are available in 2″ -8″ TC connection ports. The seal can be a simple vapor-tight USP VI lip seal, a single dry-running mixer seal, or a more sophisticated double liquid or gas-purged agitator mechanical seal.

Typical applications for these tri-clamp mixers are buffer prep, media prep, vaccine production, salt/saline dissolving, resin slurry mixing for makeup before feeding chromatography columns, fermentation, cell culture, and other liquid or powder into liquid mixing and blending manufacturing steps at a facility.

Some of a typical sanitary mixer highlights are:

  • Mixer Wetted Surfaces: mixer shaft and impeller are typically 316Lss with polished and electropolished mixer-wetted parts
  • Non-Wetted: food grade epoxy painted mixer pedestal and motor/gearbox or all stainless steel housing and motor is available
  • Motor: all stainless electric and air motors, or steel IT painted motors for an economical solution
  • Sanitary Impellers: polished and electropolished impellers such as Hydrofoil, Hydroflow, Turbine, fabricated marine prop, multi-props, Teflon, mass flow impellers
  • Vessel Connection: Sanitary Tri-Clamp (TC ferrule), Flanged
  • Sanitary Single dry run mixer seal, Double Mechanical Seals, or FDA lip seal for low-pressure applications

Other options available

  • Variable speed mixer controller, Explosion proof motors available
  • RPM indication – mixer tachometer assemblies available
  • Quickly removable motor assembly for easy cleaning & autoclaving
  • Dual bearings low profile pedestal arrangement
  • Mixer Debris well for mechanical seal with NPT or tri-clamp flush connections
  • Various Elastomer selections for mechanical seals
  • Vessel tank mount, tri-clamp or flanged
  • Shaft sizes: 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, and larger
  • In tank shaft coupling for split shaft (pool cue style mixer shaft)
  • Independent vessel mount system for glass and plastic mixing tanks

Please email us at with your process details. We can help size a mixer to fit your mixing needs.