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Add some innovation to your next batch with single use mixers and disposable mixers from White Mountain Process – and save valuable processing and validation time!

Our single use mixers offer a better way to cut mixing time and significantly reduce cross contamination for aseptic processes such as mixing food, beverage, cosmetics, biopharma and other mixing processes in cGMP environments.

Eliminate cross contamination and speed up turnaround time with single use mixers from the specialists at White Mountain Process. Disposable mixers offer major advantages, such as increasing production while reducing labor costs, as well as other benefits like:

  • Cut cleaning time
  • No CIP or SIP issues
  • Reduce validation costs
  • Less wastewater
  • Less product waste
  • Great for sensitive or sterile materials
  • No impellers

Mix powder, liquids and liquid solutions with mixing bags engineered with film flaps and slots designed to thoroughly mix media throughout the mix bag.

Available in sizes ranging 30 to 5,000 liters, our single use mixer provides truly scalable mixing action and can combine process operations. Your mixing lab will appreciate faster start-up times and shorter cycle times.

Ideal in environments where portability is key, single use mixing systems offer scalable, fast and efficient mixing in one economic package.

While disposable, single use mixers are manufactured to meet cGMP criteria, with the primary expectation of creating a helpful product for the bioprocessing industry.

How Single Use Mixers Work

While single mixers vary depending on the application and size, they generally consist of an in-bag impeller which creates mixing action inside a hermetically sealed bag. No dynamic seals are required and the shaft does not go inside the mixing bag. This system allows for easier mixing of multiple batches in bags – even if the bags are different sizes – with a single use mixer.

Single use mixing bags, while disposable, are designed for rigorous mixing, as well as the media’s exposure to the bag (generally using only a TK8 bioprocesses film where bag is in contact with media). Using a medical-grade poly resin, the bag is generally laminated to create a very strong, ADCF-compliant bag which meets medical-grade requirements.

Applications for Single Use Mixers

Why use a single use mixer for mixing biopharma, buffer and media prep? Mainly for economic and operational efficiency. Labs using single use mixers save valuable processing and validation time.

  • Media prep
  • Buffer prep
  • Product mixing
  • Drug formulation mixing
  • pH / conductivity adjustment
  • Compounding
  • Difficult mixing applications
  • Dense powers, high viscosities
  • Applications requiring repeated, fast-mixing processes

Some industries that do not have cGMP requirements to meet may still benefit greatly from single use mixers, simply because of the fast set-up and clean up time.

Also known as sealed mixing vessel technology or disposable mixers, single use mixers are becoming increasingly popular in industries such as nanomaterial mixing, coating granules or pellets, incorporating liquids into powders and mixing dissimilar powders.

Additional Applications Include:

  • Gases, liquids, powders, solids and pastes
  • Adhesives, sealants and caulks
  • Inks and pigments
  • Cosmetics
  • Advanced materials
  • Polymers
  • Electronic pastes and inks

Major Cost & Time-Savings Benefits

The benefits of single use mixers are clear – they eliminate the need for tank cleaning, significantly reduce cycle times and eliminates the risk of cross contamination. Additionally, single use or disposable mixers significantly reduce start-up costs.

Highly suited for buffer prep and media prop, in addition to cell harvest, buffer exchange and inactivation. Single use mixers also keep lab technicians safer by minimizing exposure to inhalable powders. Other benefits include:

  • Very easy to set-up and use
  • Easy to transport
  • Can increase production capability, especially in multi-product mixing labs
  • Decreases or eliminates risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduces downtime for cleaning validation
  • Good Engineering Practice (GEP) compliant designs available for super-efficient mixing performance

Single use mixers can be customized with connectors, filters and tubing, to suit your process or lab environment.

Reduce the risk of contamination while improving your costs! Contact White Mountain Process for a consultation to discuss your process and mixing needs.