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White Mountain Process offers world class single use mixing systems for a variety of carboys and plastic process vessels. These mixers can be used over and over and cleaned via traditional CIP/COP methods. Although single use bag mixing dominates the disposable blending market, using USP VI PP carboys and single use poly mixing assemblies can be extremely cost efficient. Mixing is via traditional TOP ENTRY AGITATION so scale up to larger production batches is very easy, and scale down to microliters is easily duplicated.

Download our carboy mixer PDF to see a variety of mixers used on off the shelf poly carboy tanks. Containers are customized to suit your requirements including dip tubes, sterile vent filters, solvent filters, inlet/outlet connections, volume markers, custom tagging, private labelling, etc.

Carboys are available in HDPE, PP, PETG as well as Polycarbonate, which provide a see thru container option. Carboy mixers are available in open top, sealed vapor tight, and magnetic drive designs. Materials of construction are available in a wide range of poly materials, 316LSS, Hastelloy C and exotic alloys. We offer a variety of mixing impeller designs to optimize blending performance depending on your mixing application. Low shear and high speed designs are available.

Full GMP documentation packages are standard, and all mixers are test run at QC to assure simple and easy mixing startups. All mixers are guaranteed to run flawlessly out of the box.

Contact White Mountain Process at for any assistance or price quotes.