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Are you looking for a sanitary custom IBC Tote Mixer? White Mountain Process can assist with sanitary custom IBC tote mixers that are rugged, heavy duty, corrosion resistant and cater to sanitary and hygienic mixing applications. Our bridge mount IBC mixers are used to mix and blend liquids in an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tote. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and speeds, and work with various viscosities and applications

White Mountain Process specialists can help you select the right tote mixer for the job. Mixers for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) totes, Polyethylene caged totes, and other Schutz style 275 gallon totes. The mixer motor options available are electric, air, and 12Volt agitator, we offer these in direct drive or gear drive.

We can help you determine the perfect mixer and tote combination for your specific application, weather they are viscous, corrosive or sanitary the mixtures. We can determine the power needed, if an explosion proof motor is required or if the application is a corrosion resistant material.

Our tote mixers are suitable for nearly any imaginable application. We can also customize mixers for your specific container system. For example, if you need a heavier duty bridge mount style mixer but require the tote to be sealed we can add a vapor tight tote cap. This will prevent any dust, dirt particles, etc. from getting into your mixture. We also offer the option for coated shaft & impeller assemblies if stainless steel is not compatible with your application. If a stainless steel or aluminum bridge is not an option, we build a poly bridge.

IBC tote mixer agitators are shipped ready to be used, with little to no set-up. Heavy-duty bridge mounts can fit on the top of the tote cage as well. Tote Mixer Impellers and Agitator Mixing impellers typically feature a 5.75″ diameter for direct drive mixers. Higher torque gear drive tote agitators feature a folding, collapsible mixing impeller that fits through the tote’s 6” top opening. A collapsible mixing impeller opens up to its full diameter once mixing begins. Mixing impellers typically span 10-16 inches, which depends on viscosity, density, mixer horsepower and desired speed. Single or double mixing impellers can be used on tote mixers; and in some cases a third impeller is added to provide ideal mixing.

Choose from air or electric operated tote agitators for poly or stainless steel totes, sizes typically are 275 gallon & 330 gallon, for poly and 250 gallon to 550 gallon for stainless steel totes, but either can go as large as 750 gallon containers.

White Mountain Process can assist you with any of these tote mixer options and custom requests. Options may include:

  • Coated shaft/impeller assemblies costed in PTFE/Teflon, PVDF/Kynar, PP/Polypropylene, PE/Polyethylene. We also offer exotic alloy (hast c, alloy 20, titanium, AL6XN). 6″ screw cap
  • Tote Cap with vapor tight seal
  • Poly Bridge Mount in aluminum, stainless steel polished, or non metallic poly materials
  • Custom size bracket/bridge mount, if standard size does not fit
  • Other custom mounting options depend on the tote dimensions

White Mountain Process can also equip you with quality Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) totes for your mixing project. IBC totes are economical containers used to transport or handle bulk liquids, dry or viscous products. These types of totes can be used for safe and effective mixing, storage and transportation, from everything from chemicals to biopharmaceuticals. IBC totes are large (common sizes range from 275 gallons to 330 gallon capacities), cost-effective, and preferred for many types of mixing. Most IBC totes are made of polyethylene and surrounded by a metal cage for stabilization (often referred to as a “Schutz style” tote). They typically feature a 2” outlet and a 6” screw top fitting at the top. When used for mixing or impelling, it’s critical that mixer impellers fit through the top screw cap opening. Schutz totes are popular for chemical storage and shipping. Portable tote mixers work very well for Schutz-style totes, since our 5.75” impellers or folding impellers fit easily through the Schutz tote’s standard 6” screw cap opening.

Poly & Stainless Steel Totes are available in a variety of sizes. We source only the best, and can help you determine what style of container is best for your application. We can help you by providing:

  • Plastic totes with a metal cage (Schutz style) with a tote mixer
  • Plastic totes with metal, plastic or wood pallets
  • Totes volume – typically 235 gallon, 275 gallon or 330 gallon
  • Stainless steel totes with quick disconnect agitators, volumes are typically 350 gallon & 550 gallon
  • Tote liners, as well as disposable film liners
  • Tote and mixer packages
  • IBC totes which feature custom designs, such as adding an additional opening on top or sight glass indicator commonly used on the IBC Stainless Steel totes

Specifying an IBC Tote Mixer

We are happy to assist you with choosing the appropriate IBC tote mixer type and size for your application. We would need to know what is being mixed, the viscosity, density/sg, solids % and the desired results. Our specialists can help you determine construction, type, size and style of mixer based on your application. From mixer to tote, White Mountain Process can provide you with a complete, delivered, turn-key mixing system. Price range desired is helpful, typical tote mixers range from $3000-$8000+.

We would like to have the opportunity to be your preferred supplier for IBC Tote mixers.

Contact us at 800-737-9619 or for more details.