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Looking to optimize your mixing and blending?

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Pharmaceutical Mixers

White Mountain Process specializes in manufacturing high-quality, sanitary mixing systems for pharmaceutical mixing applications.

We are truly living in a period of phenomenal advances in medicine. Mixing technology has played a key role in advancements, as well as the availability of critical, live-saving pharmaceuticals on a global scale. As a provider of equipment necessary to produce many of these pharmaceuticals, White Mountain Process takes great pride in manufacturing mixing equipment for pharmaceutical and biotech blending applications.  We continually strive to make cGMP sanitary mixing easier, quieter, cleaner, documentation rich and more reliable than ever before.

We offer custom mixing systems for a wide variety of applications and industries. As experts in sanitary mixing systems, you can rely on White Mountain Process to provide cGMP mixing equipment built to specifications, test run prior to ship and with all the documentation/certification required. We also get involved with entire mixtank systems, vessel integration, CIP cleaning of mixtanks, sterile mechanical seals and custom mixing impellers and accessories – all of which adhere to strict sanitary guidelines.  We also offer repair and replacement parts and can continue to help you maintain your equipment for the life of your mixing system.

Most importantly, White Mountain Process’ experts can help you develop a system which meets important guidelines for pharmaceutical mixing applications, such as:

  • cGMP
  • CIP (Clean in Place)
  • SIP (Sterilizing in Place)
  • ASME BPE Standard for Bioprocessing
  • USP Class VI
  • FDA CFR Good Manufacturing Practices

White Mountain Process also supplies all necessary cGMP documentation needed for pharmaceutical and biopharma mixing systems.

We may also suggest product options which may improve sanitary mixing, lower expenses or allow you to use your mixtank system for multiple sanitary applications. In some cases, workflow may be enhanced by mixer stands or portable mixers. Be sure to speak to our experts about your application, work area and process.

White Mountain Process’ sanitary mixers and mixtank systems can be used for a variety of applications, and can be customized for your particular media and desired result. Our systems will allow you to mix, dissolve, homogenize, disintegrate and emulsify dry or liquid ingredients, whether mixing high or low viscosity media. We can help you design a custom mixing system, based on your specific requirements, to get consistent, optimum results.

Your mixing vessel plays an important role in mixing, storing and transporting biopharma media and mixtures. White Mountain Process is a one-stop resource for your entire mixing system. We simplify your search for FDA and cGMP systems and components by offering a total solution to your mixing needs – from impeller to power source. In addition to mixers and related accessories, we offer whetted stainless steel vessels, poly tanks, IBC totes and other options, to help you meet FDA and cGMP, CIP and other imperative criteria.

Additionally, White Mountain Process offers very high quality, custom mixers as a part of our turn-key, custom approach. Our specialists can help you determine the power and type of mixer, as well as preferred mounting system for your application. Lab professionals also appreciate our “Squealess Mixer Seal” which operates quietly, without sacrificing mixing power.


  • Media Preparation and mixing of media
  • Buffer Prepdissolving of salts and buffer solutions
  • Chromotography slurry blending unique and effective mixer design for chrome media slurry tank agitation
  • Filtration blend tanks stirring and blending of media prior to filtration
  • Antacid blends – blending ingredients to make commonly used antacids
  • Bioadhesives – blending natural polymeric materials to create adhesives which can bond to skin or other tissues
  • Bone graft pastes and cements – bone graft pastes and other biocomposites require mixing, these mixtures are used to assist bone forming cells and key proteins to encourage bone regrowth in the event of injury
  • Collagen mixtures – used for soft tissue repair such as reconstructive surgery and neurosurgery
  • Dental composites and solutions – dental whitening gels, poly compounds and epoxies commonly used in dentists’ offices
  • Tablet granulations and coatings – mixing powders to go into tablets, as well as the outer coatings of tables, including dyes and gel capsules
  • Bioreactors cell cultures
  • Cosmetics – mixing of creams and lotions
  • Foods sanitary mixing and blending
  • Fermenters agitation for fermentation
  • Mechanical seals whisper quiet agitator mechanical seal for cGMP applications, CIP and SIP ready

Contact White Mountain Process to discuss your ideal pharmaceutical mixing system. Our expertise and high quality products make us a one-stop, reliable source for your biopharma mixing systems.  

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