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Side Entry Mixers & Agitators

Side entry mixers and agitators are standard equipment for WMProcess. Some standard flange mount models are listed below with prices shown. We will customize a side mount agitator to suit your needs and specifications. Some common agitator designs include cGMP sanitary design with FDA/USP VI elastomers in the seal, all stainless steel motors/gearboxes, small and large scale blending. Gear drive side entry mixers are available in 1/4 – 100HP (3 to 350 RPM range, and high speed designs for more shear available) to accommodate batch blend sizes from 50 to 1,000,000 gallons.

Closed Tank Side Entry Mixer

  • 6″ ANSI Flanged Mount 316SS
  • 316SS Shaft and Impeller
  • High Pressure Stuffing Box
  • Electric Air Motor


  • XP Motor
  • Other Flange Mounts
  • Mechanical Seal

Typical Applications:

  • Storage tank mixing
  • Fuel oil blending
  • Wastewater agitation
  • Food and beverage

Economy Model Side Entry Mixer

Model WMP-SE-1/2

  • 2″ TC
  • Mechanical Seal
  • Tefc motor
  • 316ss
  • $3000.00


  • Pre wired vfd + $1300
  • Mixer portable stand + $1800

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