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Mag mixers for sealless mixing and blending.
Magnetic mixers are 100% leak-proof with no mechanical seals, zero emissions and available in sanitary polished/electropolished 316Lss and exotic alloys like Hast C, Inconnel, Titanium, Alloy 20, AL6XN and others.



mag mixers and agitators

Types of Mag Drive Mixers and Agitators We Offer

  • Bottom Entry Mixers – typically sterile GMP bottom mag drives for use in biopharma, we can supply these integrated with USP VI PP poly mixing tanks as well
  • Top Entry Agitator – top mount magnetic drive mixers are often used in HIGH PRESSURE applications and where 100% leak-proof containment is required. High torque designs are available, and a variety of bearing material and motor/gearbox options.
  • Side Entry Mag Drive Mixer – again for total containment, no fear of leaking seals or packing, mag drive side entering agitators give you peace of mind your large storage tank will not leak and still be mixed. Easy to maintain exterior drive is removable while maintaining seal in place
  • Inline Magmixers – we offer custom inline mixing with mag drive technology
  • Autoclave high pressure reactors – we offer laboratory and pilot plant magnetic mixers packaged with a reactor system for high pressure reactions, corrosion mixtures, hydrogenation, etc.

Single Use Magmixer (above)
For disposable mixing, with an aseptic sealed disposable mixer and container

  • Mag drive mixing
  • Sealed container
  • Disposable mixer and container setup
  • Gamma radiated / sterilized
  • Full cert package
  • Bottom mag drive stirrer optional

bottom entry mag mixer

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