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Mixer Tachometer and Speed Readout 1

Agitator Intrinsically Safe Tachometer & XP Speed Readout

Mixer and agitator users today find the need for precise mixer speed monitoring and validation, particularly with cGMP sanitary agitators. Measuring and monitoring and validating exact mixer speed is done by a mixer tachometer. White Mountain Process supplies tachometers and speed monitoring equipment for mixers, agitators and dispersers so the user always knows exactly what speed the mixing device is running at. This provides for consistent and repeatable mix batches over time, by recording and duplicating mixer speed and often mixing batch time.


Intrinsically Safe Tachometers for mixers and agitators are popular for use in XP mix rooms. When solvents and alcohols are used in the mixing batches, the mix room is often XP classified so XP Tachometers or Agitator Intrinsically Safe Tachometers would be utilized on the mixer or disperser being used.

WMP supplies a variety of air mixers and the Intrinsically Safe Tachometer is an option for these mixers. Air mixers are commonly used in XP explosion proof environments, so the IS Tacho is a good choice to consider.

The tachometer package typically includes:

XP Mixer (with explosion proof agitator motor, or intrinsically safe air operated mixer motor)
Instrinsically Safe Tachometer Sensor (sensor mounted to mixer)
Sensor speed pickup (mounted on mixer shaft)
IS sensor wiring
Interface module
Tachometer (actual mixer speed readout device)

White Mountain Process offers intrinsically safe handheld tachometers, simple mechanical XP tachometers, intrinsically safe XP tachometers and a variety of general purpose mixer tachometers and speed readouts. Please contact us at if you have any questions at all.

We retrofit and service any mixer/agitator.

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