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This ergonomic and affordable carboy cleaning and rinsing system is available from WMProcess to improve COP clean out of place for smaller scale tanks and containers. These are very effective for poly tanks used in biopharma and laboratories for Buffer prep and salt solution makeup.   WMProcess carboy rinse station is compact and effectively COPs various size drums, carboys and containers – the WMP-COP/CRS-50SAN handles up to 50gal tanks


30” dia x 60” tall, bottom drain 18” off floor

Standard unit includes poly housing as shown in photo, spray nozzle, platform for setting carboy into place and inlet port for rinse solution and outlet port on self-draining cone bottom.

Custom Units Available


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mag mixer sanitary

  • FAST DELIVERY  – complete cGMP Magmixer/Tank package 6 weeks typical
  • ASEPTIC MIXING – bottom mount mag drive mixer, ultraclean and easy CIP
  • LOW LEVEL AGITATION – mix to very small volumes
  • MIXING VARIETY – Low shear blending, high speed agitation, and high shear mixing available

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Benefits of a bottom entry magnetic mixer over a top entry tank:

  • Process purity – eliminate the risk of particles or shavings falling from the overhead bearings or seals used in top entry mixers.
  • Productivity – bottom entry industrial mixers are typically 1 to 6 times quicker to achieve full mixing versus a top entry tank mixer. The aseptic design of a bottom entry magnetic mixer promotes an ideal vortex for effective and efficient ultralow blending capabilities. A bottom entry chemical mixer enables mixing while draining the contents ensuring uniform mixing throughout the batch.
  • Easier to clean in place solution with a bottom entry tank mixer versus trying to clean the mixer agitator and shaft of a top entry chemical mixer.
  • Easier handling and operating – top entry chemical mixers demand heavy infrastructure to support and hold the heavy overhead motor. No top entry means more overhead space – easier for operator to handle and reduces safety concerns.

Who We've Worked With