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You can get standard designs, or customize your air operated mixer as a bottom entry mag drive mixer or top entry pneumatic agitator with sanitary stainless steel motor. Customization is our game, if you want a tachometer, titanium or Hast wetted parts, electropolish/passivation, all poly shaft/impeller, we can do it!

These mixers are very common for pharmaceutical mixing equipment which are used on poly blending tanks or stainless steel process vessels.

Benefits of these stainless steel pneumatic mixer motors:
  • All stainless steel, sanitary, no painted surfaces or coatings
  • Intrinsically safe, and Atex certified
  • Ultra lightweight and ergonomic, great for compact mixing vessels
  • Sleek look to the motors, along with our classic sanitary mixer appearance these mixers are right at home in biopharma suites
  • No overheating
  • Variable speed by simple adjustment of air flow going into motor
  • Great torque ability with these gear drive air motor designs

The top entry agitator version can have a mechanical seal or vapor tight USP VI lip seal and a tri clamp or ansi flange connection is most popular. For bottom mount mag drive the mixer is sealless, so no mechanical seal is required.

These mixer air motors can be used in explosion proof environments, as they are intrinsically safe, non-sparking, and in compliance with the European Union’s ATEX directive 94/9/EC. For equipment used in potentially explosive environments.

Air operated mixers have a lot of features and benefits to users depending on the mixing application. For fast assistance and free consultation contact and ask for applications assistance for air operated mixers.