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For those in the biopharmaceutical industry, handling the preparation of large volumes of solutions comes with its fair share of challenges. A seamless process is crucial to the quality of the end product, and that means ensuring homogeneous mixing and blending with zero contamination. A balance of sanitation and efficiency is key, especially when it comes to mass production—and the mixing and blending equipment you use plays a significant role in this process. 


White Mountain Process’s carboy mixers are specifically tailored to pharmaceutical and sanitary manufacturing, offering simple ways to mix, disperse and blend liquids and solids. With a diverse product lineup—including a selection of mixers and carboys in any standard volume—and customization options, we have the unique capability of catering to a wide range of industry needs.

What we offer: 

Our carboy mixers come in electric, air and magnetic drive models and all are available as single-use, clean-in-place (CIP), clean-out-of-place (COP) or autoclave. Carboys can be customized to your specifications with dip tubes, sterile vent filters, solvent filters, inlet/outlet connections, volume markers, custom tagging, private labelling and more. 

Designed with the sanitary and biopharmaceutical markets in mind, our line of carboy mixers and agitators are ideal for a range of applications like buffer preparation, media preparation, diagnostics and dissolving powders into liquids.

Carboy mixers and agitation systems are available as:

  •   Sealed carboy and mixer
  •   Mag drive carboy stirrer
  •   Single use carboy blending system
  •   Open top carboy agitator
How to use the mixer, agitator or tank

The best part of using a carboy mixer, agitator or tank is this: it doesn’t require a lengthy manual to figure out. In fact, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3: add your ingredients, turn the mixer on, and pump them out—and just like that, you’ve simplified your mixing process. We promise, there’s no catch!


Why you should use our carboy mixers for your mixing tank system

With the most extensive offering of carboy mixers and agitators for sanitary and biopharmaceutical purposes, we have myriad options to suit your manufacturing processes. Here are some of the features and services we offer that make our products exceptional in these industries.

Customization options
Almost everything we offer can be customized to deliver exactly the product you need. That means carboys in any standard volume, designed to your specifications. Our ability to customize the materials used offers flexibility with solutions and solvent compatibility, limiting leachables. 

Sanitary mechanical seals
Our carboy mixers feature sanitary mechanical seals for closed mix tank applications, which can limit bioburden and endotoxins.

Speed control
If your goal is precision mixing, we can help you achieve it. Our electric and air mixer motors include options for speed control, offering the ability to perform precision mixing that can be validated.

Single-use availability
In the past several years, biopharmaceutical manufacturing has seen a shift toward single-use bioprocessing equipment. White Mountain is prepared to meet that need, with all of our carboy mixers available as single-use for disposable facilities. 

Documentation options
A bonus: we make it as easy as possible for our customers to access the information they need for lab mixing by providing good manufacturing practice (GMP) documents, such as FDA, USP Plastic Class VI and Material Test Reports (MTR) on all polished stainless steel.