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Chemical Mixing/Mixers

White Mountain Process manufactures custom mixers for a wide variety of applications, including chemical mixing. We’ve built custom mixers and mixtank systems for many types of chemical mixing across the USA. Our customers appreciate the reliability and dependable quality offered by our systems.

Our experts understand that this type of mixing requires careful planning, engineering, ultimate flexibility and the ability to mix varying batch sizes. We can suggest configurations to help address your concerns about reactivity of the chemical to the mixing tank or mixing equipment. We offer many different system configurations, and turn-key solutions, from mixer, to vessel to impeller, totes, stands and more.

How to determine what system will work for you

When mixing chemicals, it's critical to consider four important factors before determining what mixer type or system is best for your process. This information will help us suggest a configuration that’s best for your application and environment.

What type and size of the tank or vessel?

The volume you plan to mix will determine the type of mixer used, how it is positioned within the vessel and how it is mounted.

What is the viscosity of the media?

Selecting the appropriate impeller, mixer speed and mixer horsepower will depend on how viscous (thick) the media is.

What is the density?

Media which has a density thicker than water, for example, will require different mixing or pumping action to thoroughly mix for the desired output. This is because denser chemicals will sink to the bottom, as lighter chemicals rise. The weight or gravity of the mixture must be taken into consideration for optimum mixing.

What type of result is desired?

What is the desired, final mixture? Other considerations may include whether the vessel will need to be portable, autoclavable or stored for periods of time.

Where will the mixing take place?

Will mixing take place in a clean room, manufacturing plant or in harsher environments? Are power sources readily available? Perhaps the mixer mount will need to be mobile to move from station to station or be shippable using an IBC tote when mixing is complete.

White Mountain Process can work with your mixing engineer to offer solutions for mixer types, vessels, power required, impeller shapes and sizes, shaft diameter and design, baffle, tank and ratio design, as well as other accessories, if needed.

Our experts have assisted with mixing applications such as:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Wastewater and water treatment
  • Lime slurry preparation
  • Polymer mixing
  • Activated carbon slurries
  • Inks and pigments
  • Solvents
  • Adhesives
  • Paper coatings
  • Drilling muds
  • Fertilizers

At White Mountain Process, we understand that chemical mixing is an industry that’s constantly changing. Our wide variety of mixers and custom solutions allows us to help you design a system that’s perfect for your specific chemical mixing application. We guarantee you’ll like our quality. White Mountain Process’ uses only the best – which is why our mixers and mixing systems help our customers achieve reduced mixing times, increased blending capability and overall reduced downtime. Our service is top quality. Our customer service department is ready to help provide parts or accessories so you can get what you need, on-site, as quickly as possible.

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