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Engineered Solutions with Poly CARBOY Mixing + Blending Systems from White Mountain Process…

A common problem in the biopharma industry is a lack of choices for mixing and blending in smaller vessels. You can now improve batch consistency, increase productivity, improve ergonomics for mixing in carboy containers, and eliminate non-conforming equipment documentation issues.

Southbridge, MA – White Mountain Process provides a wide range of CARBOY MIXERS + AGITATORS and CARBOY BLENDING SYSTEMS for sanitary and cGMP mixing applications. These mixer systems can be single use design, used with CIP/COP cleaning protocols, and autoclave sterilization situations. The carboy agitators and stirrers range from economical mag drive top entry blending to more sophisticated mixing arrangements with custom ports, dip tubes, vent filter, and instrumentation for a complete engineered mixing system for lab mixing, R&D, or production blending.

White Mountain Process engineers sanitary mixers to meet all biopharma clean ability standards. The carboy mixers have gold documentation packages for GMP requirements.

Carboy tanks and vessel availability:

  • HDPE polyethylene – USP VI and FDA certified materials
  • PP polypropylene – USP VI and FDA certified materials
  • PETG – USP VI and FDA certified materials
  • PC polycarbonate – USP VI and FDA certified materials
  • Mixers to fit any carboy cap including 83B cap, 38mm, 45mm, 53mm, 83mm, and 120mm cap sizes.

Carboy Mixers availability:

  • Electric variable speed mixer with USP VI vapor tight seal. Autoclave design, easy remove motor.
  • Top mount air operated agitator (pneumatically driven air motor mixer style) with all stainless steel air motor
  • Mag drive top entry poly mixer (nonmetallic mixing with top mount magnetically driven stirrer)
  • Single use carboy mixer, we mixer drive you re-use
  • COP/CIP agitation setup – easy to clean in place or via parts washer
  • Carboy CIP cleaning stations

Typical applications:

  • Resin slurry make up, using high torque carboy mixer
  • Buffer prep and salt dissolving
  • Media preparation blending
  • Mixer designs for low shear simple blending or high shear and high speed dissolving

Contact the specialists at White Mountain Process to discuss an engineered solution for your application.

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Mike Matton


About White Mountain Process:

White Mountain Process is a USA based company that supplies sanitary mixing and blending equipment throughout the world. The company prides itself in offering real, experienced help to solve elaborate mixing problems with a goal of optimizing your blending process. We offer extensive engineering support and application assistance for any mixer, agitator, mechanical seal, mixing tank, or complex automated blending system.