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White Mountain Process announces the most extensive offering of carboy mixers and agitators for the sanitary and biopharma markets. Catering to biotech, pharmaceutical, and sanitary manufacturers these carboy mixers are available for mixing applications like buffer prep, media prep, diagnostics, and dissolving powders into liquids.

Carboys can be customized to suit with nozzles, dip tubes, vent filters, instruments, and any accessories desired.

Available in:

  • Sealed carboy and mixer
  • Mag drive carboy stirrer
  • Single use carboy blending system
  • Open top carboy agitator

Carboy mixers provide customers simple ways to mix, disperse, and blend liquids and solids into liquids.

White Mountain Process offers help to customers for any mixing application including design, engineering, computational fluid dynamics, lab mixer testing, scale up and scale down services.