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Air Mixers & Pneumatic Agitators

White Mountain Process is a global supplier of air operated mixers and pneumatic agitators. An Air Mixer has a pneumatic drive (an air operated motor that drives the agitator shaft and impeller).  These types of motors provide variable speed control of the stirrer, and are intrinsically safe for hazardous locations.

Air Motor Requirements

Pneumatic operated motors typically require 80psig air, and enough air flow depending on the motor hp. WMProcess offers optional filter/regulator/lubricator/air control valve/muffler which can be part of the pneumatic feed to the motor.

Our Air Mixer Offerings

All stainless steel sanitary air mixers come with NON PAINTED air motors or pneumatic blender drives encased in a stainless steel shroud for food, beverage, and biopharma applications. Non lube air motors are also available. Air mixers are offered from 1/4-5hp and we offer a variety of mounting arrangements for your mix tank.

NOTE: Air Mixer is synonymous with Pneumatic Mixer, both have air operated motors to drive the mixer agitator.

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