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Single Use Lab Mixers

White Mountain Process is pleased to offer top of the line, single use lab mixers for biotech, pharmaceutical, medical and aseptic mixing and blending.

single use disposable lab mixer

VOLUME = 1/2 liter to 200liters with single mixer
SCALE UP = scale up to 5000liters with identical equipment, same mixing action, traditional mixing impellers
SINGLE USE BAGS/TANK LINERS – optional but not required, and using off the shelf single use bags, not proprietary expensive and hard to get contraptions

Not like cheap catalog house lab mixers. This is a pre-engineered mixer/tank system with industry standard style mixing impellers which can scale up to pilot plant and production mixing processes.

Sanitary Lab Mixer with 316Lss wetted parts — poly/plastic shaft/impellers optional
Powerful and Versatile – 1liter to 200liter volumes uniform mixing
Great for lab mixing, scale up and scale down agitation, pilot plants

Poly USP VI Mixing Tank customized to suit, with tank baffles or without, TC fittings welded to suit, dip tubes, outlet valve if required, vent filters………


  • eliminate cleaning and CIP with single use options
  • powerful low shear mixer to accommodate 1liter up to 200liter blends (medium to high shear mixing is optional) AND easy mixing scale up to 5000liter+ batches
  • traditional mixing impellers, off center mount or center mount with baffles in tank
  • cGMP mixtank system, pre-engineered
  • not junk from catalog houses, this is a higher end laboratory mixing system for biopharma applications

WMP-BB-LAB90W - Sanitary Powerful Lab Mixer

  • Great for 1liter to 200liter batch blending volumes (also excellent for 1gal viscous products)
  • 90watt motor standard (smaller more compact and larger HP optional)
  • Various speed ranges with controller, high torque gear drive low shear to high speed higher shear (20-600rpm, and 100-1800rpm two most common ranges)
  • 316Lss shaft – 3/4″ diameter — robust heavy duty to avoid shaft wagging and flexing
  • 316Lss mixing impeller to suit
  • Mixer stand or mount to fixture on stand
  • Optional 110volt 1ph Variable Speed Controller, Nema 4, Digital Display, prewired with disconnect plugs and 110volt 1ph plug
  • TC adapter with lip seal and bearing for sealed aseptic mixing
  • Tank-Vessel with TC mount, FDA HDPE or USP VI PP process vessel

White Mountain Process is pleased to offer a top of the line ultra heavy duty laboratory overhead mixer and mixer shaft to tank sealing arrangement, and we integrate a high purity vessel using FDA HDPE, USP VI PP, or USP VI PVDF process containers.

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