Sanitary Blenders

Discover the security of using proven sanitary blenders from White Mountain Process. Our engineers are seasoned experts in biopharmaceutical, aseptic and sanitary blending applications. We build to exact specifications and offer full FDA, USP VI, and cGMP documentation packages–bringing you the vital security of best-in-class performance. Demanding customers around the world trust us to deliver the results they deserve. You can too.

Sanitary Blending Options

Sanitary Blender Applications:

  • Sanitary blending
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Food & beverage
  • Biofuels & more
  • Aseptic blending applications

Sanitary Blender Features:

  • cGMP designs with USP VI and/or polished and electro-polished stainless and MTRs
  • Sealed designs, top and bottom entry, mag drive for stainless and plastic tanks
  • All-stainless-steel C-clamp mixers
  • Low-shear mixing, high-shear dispersing, and viscous multi-shaft sanitary aseptic mixing systems
  • Small-footprint lab sanitary mixers for microliter to large-scale agitation

Mixing Tank Configurations For:

  • Autoclavable for poly or stainless-steel tanks
  • Bottom-entry mag mixers for poly tanks
  • Closed-vessel mixing
  • Tri-clamp®
  • Mixing tank designs
  • Carboy and closed-dome tank
  • Squeal-less mechanical seals with aseptic debris wells

Electric and air-operated lab sanitary blenders are available in many configurations, including open-tank and closed-tank designs with TC sanitary connectors. As a global supplier of sanitary and aseptic blenders, White Mountain Process focuses on bio-pharmaceutical and aseptic blending applications. We offer all-stainless-steel sanitary blenders, sanitary blending equipment, and disposable single-use blending systems.

Our superior equipment is vital to consistent, high-standards sanitary and cGMP blending. Designed for applications such as sanitary blending, biopharma, food, beverage and biofuel production, our sanitary blending systems span the range from small-footprint micro-liter lab mixers to production-scale agitation systems. Whether for low-shear blending, high-shear dispersing, or viscous multi-shaft mixing, our trusted cGMP designs feature USP VI and/or polished and electro-polished stainless and MTRs.

We offer sealed designs, top and bottom entry, and optional mag drives for stainless and plastic tanks. As a valued supplier to major pharmaceutical corporations around the world, we offer a detailed cGMP documentation package to meet general and specific requirements.

Sanitary Blending Engineering & Design Services:

White Mountain Process offers engineering assistance to ensure that the most-suited sanitary blender is used for your vessel. Whether for laboratory mixing or production-scale sanitary blending, we promise to provide you with the right equipment. You can trust White Mountain Process to understand your needs and bring you the positive results you deserve.

We invite you to take advantage of our mixing tank design services, including:

  • 2D and 3D drawings
  • Mixer performance data
  • Vessel drainage test reports
  • Mixer run tests

…and much more

Optional documentation includes installation, operation and maintenance manuals, qualification and inspection records, as well as rigorous testing and documentation prior to shipping.

White Mountain Process Specialties:

  • High purity mixers
  • Biopharmaceutical mixers (Biopharma mixers)
  • Pharmaceutical mixers (Pharma mixers)
  • Sanitary mixer
  • Ultra-sanitary mixers

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