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Mechanical Seals for industrial mixers, agitators, blenders, pumps Dry Running Squeal-less cGMP Biopharma Mixer Seals Repairs of any mechanical seal, and new mechanical seals made in our USA shop Tired of expensive and long repairs, try us for responsive, fast, affordable seals

Top entry Mixers and bottom entry agitators on sealed tanks will have a mechanical seal of some sort. For many sanitary process vessels, the mixer must have some type of sealing barrier to provide either a dust tight vapor seal, a pressure tight seal to allow pressure and or vacuum in the mixtank, or an aseptic sealing device to provide a hygienic seal between the tank id and the outside of the vessel. There are a variety of mechanical seals for mixer use, including single dry running seals, double mechanical seal assemblies with a liquid or gas flush, and a variety of other lip seals and packing materials which can be used. Starting with the least expensive sealing mechanism for a rotating mixer or reactor, we have a simple dust cover assembly, and elastomer lips sealed, a spring-loaded CIP mixer seal, a packing seal, a USP class VI lip seal, a single dry running mechanical seal, a single seal with an aseptic debris well, and then we have higher pressure double mechanical seals and custom steam sterilizable seals and split mechanical seal options.

In the sanitary process market, it is common to have aseptic and sterilizable mechanical seals on mixers. These seals often have custom certifications such as USP, cGMP, FDA elastomers, polished and electro polished 316LSS, and particular certification in document packages.

White Mountain Process provides industrial and sanitary mechanical seals for rotating equipment such as mixers, agitators, reactors, blenders, dryers, pumps, and repair services on any mechanical seal.

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