Mixing and Blending Equipment

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High Purity Mixing Equipment

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Typical Applications We Work With



We Bring You Excellence In:

  • Sanitary Mix Tanks and Vessels
  • Sanitary Mixers
  • Sanitary Mechanical Seals
  • Industrial Agitators
  • Sanitary vessel/mixer/valves packages
  • Specialty Mixers
  • Custom mixing packages
  • Lab production-scale equipment

Discover the benefits of world-class engineering and our White Mountain Peak-performance Team. We’re committed to making your job easier. (Much easier!)

Ask about our proprietary Squeal-less dry-running mechanical seal for controlled-humidity environments. It’s blissfully quiet in performance!

High Purity Processes:

  • Buffer prep solution
  • Media Preparation make up
  • Drilling Fluids and mixing of drilling muds
  • Chromatography media agitation
  • Biopharma blending with Autoclave style mixer
  • cGMP aseptic mixer mechanical seals, squeal-less design
  • High-viscosity multi-shaft mixing of emulsions, dispersions, & suspensions
  • Beverage mixing and blending
  • Cosmetic creams and lotions
  • Emulsions, dispersions, suspensions, high viscosity multishaft mixing
  • pH adjust agitated tanks
  • Electronics DI & ultra-pure water storage

Industrial Processes

  • IBC Tote Mixing
  • Paints, inks, pigments, dye dispersion
  • Drilling fluids and mixing of drilling mud
  • Coatings mixing and dispersing
  • Biodiesal Production
  • Mulch dye and coating blending
  • Mixer mechanical seal repairs, assistance, service
  • From lab to full scale production agitation

Custom Engineered Systems
Mechanical seal repairs, assistance, & service
FDA certificates, USP VI materials, cGMP compliance
Advice on excellence in mixing and blending

White Mountain Process is a premier USA-based developer of sanitary mixing + blending equipment, specialty mixers, and industrial agitator. We provide mixing expertise and engineering assistance to help our customers select and implement the best mixing equipment for their needs.

Located on the East Coast, we ship in the USA and internationally.

As mixing and system design specialists, we provide custom and standard mixing and blending equipment for applications in many industries, with emphasis on sanitary mixing, blending, and agitator mechanical seals. Due to our high quality standards and extensive cGMP biopharma process expertise, we are best known for our biopharmaceutical and biotech mixing equipment.

However, we offer a full range of mixers and blending products for other applications and industries. If you need to mix ink, paint, food, pharmaceuticals, or nearly any other substance, we likely have the mixing solution for you.

Quality is our primary service

We hold ourselves to high standards. Whether you’re looking for a custom fabricated mixing impeller, complete mixer, or a need help with a complete USP VI process tank and mixer system, we try hard to provide you with a high quality, cost-effective solution. Our goals are to help you:

  • Improve mixing performance
  • Increase agitator uptime
  • Decrease mixing time
  • Provide a more sanitary mixer, easy to CIP/SIP
  • Assist with scale up and scale down of mixing processes
  • Improve ergonomics and safety of mixing systems

We can help you make mixing faster, easier, quieter, and increase up-time and productivity. Please contact WMProcess for any mixing requirements you may have.